We are SO excited to hear the news of your extraordinary achievement — both academically and in terms of the Journalism award!

Real journalism is REALLY needed in the world right now, and I’m just so delighted, happy and proud not only OF you but FOR you!

Your spirit, leadership, talent and drive are wonderful gifts and you clearly express them so beautifully and bountifully!

Omar Khan (and Leslie Khan) – Senior Partner, Sensei International


Well done Natasha! It is an amazing achievement. Your picture (the one from the interview from Sri Lanka) has already been put up in the corridor with the titles of the two awards you won. Shelly keeps telling all the students about your achievements so you’re inspiring the journalism students here already!

Paul Marsden – Teaching Assistant in Journalism, Coventry University


This was one of the best final projects, drawing on radio skills, that I have marked since working in this department.
Natasha demonstrated excellent broadcast journalism skills including research, editing and above all how to script features to meet the target audience and above all interest and entertain an audience.
I have watched this project come together since an initial meeting which resulted in Natasha dropping her original documentary idea and move towards producing features on Sri Lanka in the style of BBC World Service which is a platform I have much experience in working for.
Natasha conducted much research before travelling to Sri Lanka and had the good fortune that all feature makers need of finding the perfect subject and peg to build the story around.  Some excellent interviews were conducted in difficult conditions which taught her much about the practice of Broadcast Journalism.  She went on to put together a fine and moving piece of a high professional standard which mixed audio with sound effects, music, links and actor’s voices.  It was at this point that I felt she should demonstrate that she could produce a lighter piece of work and show that she could supply a week’s worth of material for a focus on Sri Lanka special.  Having produced the Tsunami feature Natasha worked very hard to make a complimentary piece reflecting the tensions being experienced as the traditional music of the country revived itself with external influences.

Two excellent pieces of work were submitted with a reflection that demonstrates Natasha’s depth of knowledge in what is required from a Broadcast Journalist – everything from understanding the audience you are making the product for – to how to interview, write cues, edit and even log the music.  A superb effort.

Marcos Young – Associate Senior Lecturer in Broadcast Journalism, Coventry University 
I’ve just listened to the tsunami documentary (Overcoming the Waves of Destruction). I found it very moving. The music complements the stories and it helped me to appreciate the true human cost of what happened.
I was in Sri Lanka last spring and we travelled through some of the affected areas. The stories you tell in your documentary brought back memories of some of those landscapes.
Beautifully paced, a very mature piece of work.
Duncan Jones – Journalism Lecturer, Coventry University and former Assistant Editor of BBC Coventry & Warwickshire.

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