Who is the Author?

Natasha (De Silva) Palansuriya

My purpose is to be a conduit of truth and learning and to pursue that truth and learning in my career and with love in all parts of my life. To positively impact the consciousness of people throughout the world, giving a voice to the voiceless, and being an inspiration to everyone I reach.

I’m currently in the final year of my PhD in International Politics, focusing on diaspora engagement and transitional justice in the post-conflict context of Sri Lanka. My main areas of research are transitional justice, post-conflict reconciliation, transnational activism, and diaspora engagement. 

I use this blog as a space to share my thoughts and opinions on the subjects that are close to my heart. Please note that my personal views do not represent any organisation I’m affiliated with.

Thank you for taking the time read, comment and share.



Guest Researcher, Centre for Poverty Analysis, Sri Lanka – September 2018 to Present 

PhD Candidate in International Politics at City, University of London – expected September 2019

Research Assistant, on the project ‘From the Diasporisation to the Transnationalisation of Exile Politics: Understanding When Extremism Gives Way to Moderate Politics’ – The Case of Sri Lanka, 1983-2016 – funded by Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) – September 2016 to December 2017

(MA) Management and Leadership at Webster University Wolrdwide (Regent’s University London) – October 2014

(MA) International Politics and Human Rights at City University London – September 2013

Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC)  Award for Student Journalist of the Year – 2012

Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) Award for Best Radio News Documentary of the Year – 2012

Olympic Truce Youth Peace Ambassador – September 2012

First Class Honours Degree in Journalism and Media (Coventry University) – July 2012

Journalism Student Subject Ambassador (Coventry University) – September 2011 – July 2012

Producer of International Coventry – March 2012- July 2012

Professional Experience at BBC Coventry & Warwickshire (March 2011- April 2011)

Editor of CU Today (September 2010 – April 2011)

Editor of the weekly newsletter for the Media and Communications Department of Coventry University (Jan 2010- June 2010)

5 thoughts on “Who is the Author?

  1. I don´t imagine that you still have three (3) responses on your blog. I will start a WP-blog maybe in a month or so, but starting a nice blog (in my opinion) with such a time-line as foreign student in a strange country is a very great success…. which you couldn’t get without a hard time of studying as student. So every price you can get is also a victory for your family and your background (upbringing & culture). It’s for me maybe an easy talk, to write about your country of birth which I never been myself but during my response here I read also the page of Wikipedia of Sri Lanka and downloaded a Powerpoint-map with searches, views about the crazy ‘Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project’, the map itself shows a lot of views from all monsoons, examples and tests from wave-hights, Nasa air-views and it’s full of history about the ‘Adam’s Bridge’ (http://vhp.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Ram-Setu-Protection.ppt) I read a lot but saved it too. I know myself ‘some’ about the largest religion of Tibet and follow as a fan “His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama” his messages on his Twitter-address and his website. I started this text to you at 19:00 CET and I’m still not ready with reading about your culture and watching photos on Wikipedia e.s.o. I read a lot about poor citizens (low standard of living) but don’t read about the crazy laws about the castes in poor countries… with jati’s/varna and others. With the tsunami in 2004 and a civil war, there come in my opinion more shit above than the nice pictures with a blue sea, white beaches and money from the holiday-makers. I’m always to the point, I don’t like to hide something was must be open… even it’s not nice to hear…. if secrets stay in a person, in a brain without talking about it, even it’s something between several religious groups, it’s better to talk about it, before others come with gossip or unclear/unreal/unknown words/stories. A persons brain can emotional break…. after years of not talking sometimes afraid about the feelings. Living a life under the bridge or without much money, it’s not so bad for yourself, I got it myself for 30-years back, it’s a time you can learn from it…..The youth of West-Europe live today in a life full of luxury, they cannot live without a cellphone, computer, Wii/Playstation, or whatever. Even most parents have lived in a better world than the inhabitants of Sri Lanca, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, e.s.o. If (almost) holy persons as ‘Mahatma Ghandi’, ‘Mother Theresa’ ‘ Swami Praphupada’ can give signs to the living people….. to stay still by yourself…. and live the life you love it…. it’s still going in a natural way… with or without a religion.
    For some fanatic religious people it’s better that there is still one God in the world, which have in every country another name….. so there is not starting again a war between their and other religions… if you know what I mean. What I describe here is free to read for all people of the world. I have respect for your time-line you made as an student and you are on a straight way to be an great Journalist… for the emancipation of the females in general but for sure in your home-country you have chosen a very nice profession…. hope you get a good job!
    So to stop my response to you, so as you can see I’m not the person of writing still 3 or 4 lines, I choose for a response of the unknown person (today it’s you) which I give you the feeling/idea… I took my time and gave my energy which I normally use for myself as disabled and bedridden person. Even in this position I have sometimes nice feelings in what I can give to others….
    Have a very good time Natasha.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an inspiring comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it. Also, thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. I’m so inspired by you that even though you are bed-ridden you are planning on starting a blog. Please give my your blog address once you start it, I would love to follow. And I’m also inspired by you that you use your time to acquire new knowledge and learn about different cultures and nations. You are absolutely right, children in the west are so occupied by their gadgets. Sadly, it’s not far from the same in my country. A few years back when I was a child, we didn’t have iPods or play stations, we would play outside and embrace the wonder of nature and discover new things everyday. At 5pm everyday the streets are filled with the noise of kids playing. Today, there is not a hum on the streets. All kids are inside watching tv or playing with their gadgets. I think it’s partly the fault of parents. On the other hand, even teenagers and young adults are too busy on their phones to look around and read the papers, maybe, and know what’s happening around them, and in the world. It’s sad to see how ignorant the youth are today. The future is ours, and we need to actively take part in making the world a better place not only for us, but for the generation after us. If we ignore what’s going on in our countries, what will we leave behind for our children and their children? I guess the reason I want to be a journalist is because I can’t close my eyes to things that are happening, especially in my country, and the only way I know how to make a difference is by writing about it or making documentaries about it, in the hope of opening the eyes, ears, mouths and hearts of those who behold my work. So, I start from my blog,until one day I’m hired by a news company to do it on a larger scale. Again, thank you for your response. And I’m looking forward to reading your blog in the future.

      Best Regards


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