‘Red My Lips’ – Stop Blaming Victims of Abuse!

Me with my 'Red Lips'... inspired and empowered to talk!
Me with my ‘Red Lips’… inspired and empowered to talk!

I was invited by a friend on Facebook to join this amazing campaign called ‘Red My Lips’… It’s a campaign to create awareness and stop blaming victims of sexual abuse. And a really creative way of creating awareness is to wear red lipstick for the month of April. It’s not only empowering to wear such a bold colour all the time, but it’s the perfect opportunity to get the conversation started.

So, today a girl at work commented that she liked the colour of my lipstick… I told her that I’m wearing it for a cause and that got us talking… and I’m 99% percent sure that, it will get her talking and her friends talking and it’s going to create a wave of talking about this ridiculous trend of victim blaming. From the girl who was gang raped on a bus in India being blamed for it to the 14 year old girl in Maldives being blamed for ‘having underage sex with her stepfather’… when in fact she was raped… it’s everywhere.. and women are not the only victims of sexual abuse, men are too. So this campaign is for everyone.

You are not only creating awareness about it but you are also giving hope and comfort to victims who think it is their fault. You never know, one of the people you talk to may be a victim, and this is going to let them know that they are not to be blamed and there is a strong group of people out there who are on their side.

I came across this video by Chescaleigh… please do take the time to watch it because she explains so effectively why it is not the victim’s fault and how we should also be a voice in preventing someone from becoming a victim.

We have the right to dress the way we like to and put on as much make-up as we want to, and not be afraid of being abused because of it… So put on the reddest lipstick you have… and spread the word… DO NOT BLAME VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE… IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT!

2 thoughts on “‘Red My Lips’ – Stop Blaming Victims of Abuse!

  1. There is so much of injustice like this happening in various forms. There are situations of abuse at work and then the person who is abused gets fired from the job. There is abuse in society and the person who is abused is outcast. It is great that this initiative has begun, i hope it goes viral.

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