A reply to a wonderful stranger

This morning, I read an inspiring comment by someone who happened to come across my blog. And I was inspired (the comment can be viewed on ‘who is Natasha?’). I’m sharing my reply with you too…

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an inspiring comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it. Also, thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. I’m so inspired by you that even though you are bed-ridden you are planning on starting a blog. Please give my your blog address once you start it, I would love to follow. And I’m also inspired by you that you use your time to acquire new knowledge and learn about different cultures and nations. You are absolutely right, children in the west are so occupied by their gadgets. Sadly, it’s not far from the same in my country. A few years back when I was a child, we didn’t have iPods or play stations, we would play outside and embrace the wonder of nature and discover new things everyday. At 5pm everyday the streets are filled with the noise of kids playing. Today, there is not a hum on the streets. All kids are inside watching tv or playing with their gadgets. I think it’s partly the fault of parents. On the other hand, even teenagers and young adults are too busy on their phones to look around and read the papers, maybe, and know what’s happening around them, and in the world. It’s sad to see how ignorant the youth are today. The future is ours, and we need to actively take part in making the world a better place not only for us, but for the generation after us. If we ignore what’s going on in our countries, what will we leave behind for our children and their children? I guess the reason I want to be a journalist is because I can’t close my eyes to things that are happening, especially in my country, and the only way I know how to make a difference is by writing about it or making documentaries about it, in the hope of opening the eyes, ears, mouths and hearts of those who behold my work. So, I start from my blog,until one day I’m hired by a news company to do it on a larger scale. Again, thank you for your response. And I’m looking forward to reading your blog in the future

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